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I met withy Heidi as a result of a recent and very scary cancer diagnosis-my partner’s. Determined to find and use our community experts, he took me along on his journey to “heal himself.”

I admit I was a skeptic!

Before Heidi, I was resigned to the fact that at 71 I was going to feel the effects of”aging”. This is reality, accept it! Joint pain, digestive issues, sleeplessness, fatigue…I’d always been athletic but now I realized I was on a downward spiral. But was I?

Now after 5 weeks I feel better than I have in years! I no longer accept the idea that aging pain is inevitable.

Heidi’s mantra “I don’t accept that” has given new meaning to my life!

I exercise for the fun of it! My body and mind feel remarkable- I have a sense of joy in living that I thought I’d lost.

I highly recommend Heidi’s program, her guidance and skill set – unsurpassed.

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