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Traditional Chinese Medicine & Women’s Health

In TCM theory, weakening of key female reproductive health aspects might be linked with genetic defects, overwork, too little rest, injury from too much menstrual bleeding, emotional distress, improper diet, too much alcohol, or too much chilled food. Contemporary TCM practitioners believe that some medicines and medical interventions, like long-term use of hormonal birth control methods, can also have a detrimental effect on the female system.

Is there a natural, non-invasive way to help ease symptoms of women’s health issues? Yes!

A multitude of scientific studies have shown that Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an effective way to treat many gynecological health conditions, and to maintain general good health for women. That includes acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, which are finally gaining more and more scientific validity in the Western Medicine arena—thought they have been used successfully for centuries!

Women’s health issues that can be supported by TCM include reproductive health (fertility and pre-natal care), menstrual wellness, menopause and perimenopause symptoms, and so much more. Because so many gynecological issues involve painful symptoms, and acupuncture is proven to provide pain relief, it’s natural that acupuncture is so helpful when it comes to women’s health.

Blood Flow

So much of our health depends on the flow of blood throughout our body and to our organs—this is even more important for women. Scientific studies show that acupuncture is effective for improving blood flow to vital organs as it relaxes blood vessels, and reduces high blood pressure.


5 million people in the United State suffer from fibromyalgia, and most of those are women. Fibromyalgia is complicated and can be difficult to treat, because of its many linked causes and symptoms. According to the Mayo Clinic, acupuncture can help reduce the pain of fibromyalgia symptoms.


Recent studies have found that acupuncture may improve menstrual health and help women conceive. Because these studies are so new (since TCM has been rejected in the Western world for so long, and is only beginning to become a part of scientific medical research and practice), more research is needed.


An analysis of 15 studies found that acupuncture treatment was significantly effective in treating PMS, compared with medicine and sham acupuncture. While more, larger studies are needed to fully confirm the scientific evidence of acupuncture to treat Premenstrual Syndrome symptoms, there is a slew of promising research to back it. Since PMS has such varied effects on different women—from moodness to severe abdominal pain—there are also a variety of ways acupuncture and TCM may be used to help. In particular, studies show that acupuncture and acupressure are sure-fire solutions for mood swings, depression, pain, and anxiety—some of the major symptoms of PMS.

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