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Lost Weight, Feeling Fit, More Energy, Less Pain

Before coming in to see Heidi, I had lots of body aches and stiffness. My weight was
175 – 180#s. My stomach was upset and my energy was low. At times my muscles were sore even when I wasn’t working out. My sleep was poor and I had a hard time saying “no” to sweets, breads, and other sugary foods. I also had brain fog at times and some memory issues.

By following my program, my weight is now 155- 165#s and I feel pretty good most of the time.
The stiffness and body aches are reduced significantly and I feel more fit so I am doing more exercises or walking daily. I now think more about what I’m eating and read labels and I reduced my intake of sugar and breads. I have more energy, my mental focus is better, I feel like my memory is getting better, and the brain fog is really non-existent.

Overall I’m feeling much better. Hernia is still there but not bothersome, my back issues are better and my sciatica flares 2-3 times a month vs weekly. My energy is good.

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