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I have had intermittent issues with poor sleep, numbness in my extremities, menstrual and back pain. Acupuncture has been a source of relief. In recent years my blood pressure was also trending high.

Now my blood pressure when checked, is frequently in the normal range. I feel stronger overall
and continue to work on my diet and strategies put in place for healthier choices. Being part of this whole foods nutrient solutions has helped me make better food and life choices.


I met withy Heidi as a result of a recent and very scary cancer diagnosis-my partner’s. Determined to find and use our community experts, he took me along on his journey to “heal himself.”

I admit I was a skeptic!

Before Heidi, I was resigned to the fact that at 71 I was going to feel the effects of”aging”. This is reality, accept it! Joint pain, digestive issues, sleeplessness, fatigue…I’d always been athletic but now I realized I was on a downward spiral. But was I?

Now after 5 weeks I feel better than I have in years! I no longer accept the idea that aging pain is inevitable.

Heidi’s mantra “I don’t accept that” has given new meaning to my life!

I exercise for the fun of it! My body and mind feel remarkable- I have a sense of joy in living that I thought I’d lost.

I highly recommend Heidi’s program, her guidance and skill set – unsurpassed.

C. G.

I had some concerns with my health. I’m getting older but not ready to be old. I came in and after 1 week I felt better. And as more time has passed, I feel like myself again. I am losing weight and can wake up with no pain. It’s been a complete change for the better. I’m still working on my journey but I feel wonderful physically and mentally. Thank you! PAPT!

S. F.

When I first came to see Heidi, it was because of arthritis pain in knees. Acupuncture followed. Upon further evaluation, it was determined that I would benefit from the Nutrition Response Testing. Some health issues were uncovered, thyroid and stomach mainly.

I am now eating healthier and am drinking more water. No more stomach bloating. I have lost weight without trying! I have cut the use of alcohol and sugar – huge benefit! I’m sleeping so much better.

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