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Lost Weight, Feeling Fit, More Energy, Less Pain

Before coming in to see Heidi, I had lots of body aches and stiffness. My weight was
175 – 180#s. My stomach was upset and my energy was low. At times my muscles were sore even when I wasn’t working out. My sleep was poor and I had a hard time saying “no” to sweets, breads, and other sugary foods. I also had brain fog at times and some memory issues.

By following my program, my weight is now 155- 165#s and I feel pretty good most of the time.
The stiffness and body aches are reduced significantly and I feel more fit so I am doing more exercises or walking daily. I now think more about what I’m eating and read labels and I reduced my intake of sugar and breads. I have more energy, my mental focus is better, I feel like my memory is getting better, and the brain fog is really non-existent.

Overall I’m feeling much better. Hernia is still there but not bothersome, my back issues are better and my sciatica flares 2-3 times a month vs weekly. My energy is good.


Better Sleep Made a World of Difference

D. was waking up around 3 (+/-) times an hour most nights, and couldn’t get back to sleep. He would fall asleep in school. He couldn’t control his emotions well, or behavior, due to the lack of sleep.

D. now sleeps through the night, typically getting 9¼ hours of sleep. He can control his behavior and emotions so much better! He is learning a lot at school…this has made a world of difference for him and the family!


I’m Healthier and Stronger

When I first started Nutrition Response Testing®, my physical fitness was very poor. I had heavy metal and nerve sensitivity. My left adrenal gland was blocked and I had ascending and transverse colon issues. In addition I had lost almost 4 inches in height and was also losing weight. My bowel movements were frequent and loose.

By faithfully following the program Heidi laid out for me, my physical fitness has improved tremendously. I have more strength, balance, muscle, and my skin tone has greatly improved. I now have energy to resume yoga, take brisk walks, and am able to lift more. I have also regained some of my height and weight, and my bowel movements are fewer and solid.


My Stomach Feels Great!

Before Nutrition Response Testing® I had a lot of stomach issues. I would get stomach aches quite frequently and would get food poisoning very easily. I had very loose bowel movements daily.

Now my stomach feels great! I can’t remember my last stomach ache. My bowel movements are just right. I really appreciate how much better I feel. Now we can work on other things.
Nutrition Response Testing® is helping me with each step.

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