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S. F.

When I first came to see Heidi, it was because of arthritis pain in knees. Acupuncture followed. Upon further evaluation, it was determined that I would benefit from the Nutrition Response Testing. Some health issues were uncovered, thyroid and stomach mainly.

I am now eating healthier and am drinking more water. No more stomach bloating. I have lost weight without trying! I have cut the use of alcohol and sugar – huge benefit! I’m sleeping so much better.


Before I started the Nutrition Program, I lacked energy, had inflamed and sore joints, digestive issues and didn’t have very restful sleep patterns. Now that I’ve been on the program I have more energy, my joints are almost completely pain free, I’m sleeping better, I have regular bowel movements and my recent bloodwork was more positive than it was 6 months ago.


I’ve lost 15 pounds since I started the Nutrition
Program and I feel so much better. Our family is eating healthier and
my teenage daughters are encouraging their boyfriends to eat
healthier, too. Thank you Heidi!

Gerry S.

Eating cleaner and healthier and NO sugar cravings!
I recently went through the Nutrition Coaching sessions at Professional Acupuncture and Physical Therapy and am now eating cleaner and healthier.
All my sugar cravings are gone and I feel great.
Thank you Heidi! – G.S.
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